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OrganiPlug Seed & Cutting Plugs - 100 Count

OrganiPlug Seed & Cutting Plugs - 100 Count

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OrganiPlugs is a food-safe option for germinating seedlings and rooting cuttings as quickly and effortlessly as possible. OrganiPlugs come ready to use out of the bag, pH balanced and pre-moistened with a proprietary nutrient blend and beneficial fungi to give plants their optimal start. Made with organic coco coir and peat OMRI listed ingredients.

The Natural Soilless Solution

It’s well understood that healthy root zones are necessary for healthy plants. And a robust root zone will help your plants grow more vigorously and yield more. OrganiPlugs high porosity and proprietary nutrient blend give your plants the best chance of reaching their potential.

Organic OMRI Listed Ingredients

OrganiPlugs are made with organic coco coir and peat OMRI listed ingredients and use an all-natural, food-safe binding agent. 100% compostable and they are also the only Kosher-certified plug! Mazel Tov!

Store Them For Months At A Time

OrganiPlugs come in a lightproof, resealable pouch to keep them fresh and moist for months. The great thing is, even if they dry out, just rehydrate them with water and they’ll be good to go.

Fits Standard Propagation Trays

OrganiPlugs are about 1.25” x 1.25” and fit in almost all standard cloning trays. They are designed to be transplanted into all media types including coco, rockwool, soil and other hydroponic substrates.


There Are People, Plants, And Fungi

White beneficial fungi may form on the plugs when you open the bag. This is a good thing! Don’t be alarmed when you see what looks like white dust or webbing, it’s the Trichoderma doing its job.



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