Laboratory developed and tested for maximum root enhancement, Radix generates bigger, stronger roots, and increased growth resulting in larger, more well- developed and productive plants in a shorter period of time. Developed to have no heavy metals and pass all state testing for consumable plants. Ingredients transparently disclosed.

About Radix

The Radix Difference

Radix has been carefully developed to include humic, fulvic, amino acids, protein hydrolysate, and a few other proprietary ingredients that act as beneficial natural biostimulants. No other rooting compound on the market is known to combine all of these ingredients into a stable solution specifically designed for crop specific root promotion. Radix NPK ratio is 1-0-0. It is very common for root promoters to have low NPKs because the beneficial ingredients contribute very little to macro nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium), but act as biostimulants instead.

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  • – Made with all natural ingredients
  • – Laboratory Developed and Tested
  • – Batch tested to ensure consistency and promise of no heavy metals
  • – We show users exactly what’s going into their plants
  • – 60% less than competing products that often have fewer beneficial ingredients
  • – Indoor, greenhouse, and outdoor tested
  • – Safe for annuals, perennials, ornamentals, and edible plants
  • – Designed to be used on plants for human consumption
  • – Works well in recirculating hydroponics, drain-to-waste systems, coco, and soil
  • – Does not clog irrigation systems
  • – Safe and easy to mix, handle, and apply







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The Best Natural Biostimulant

Proprietary rooting stimulator with humates (organic acids, macromolecules of amino acids, amino sugars, & peptides). Designed for crop specific use of medical plants. Radix was manufactured in a laboratory grade nutrient facility in Canada to ensure that each bottle has consistent ratios of all of its constituents.

See what's in Radix


Organic acids, macromolecules of amino acids, amino sugars, & peptides influencing root growth and aiding in nutrient uptake

Amino Acids

Essential building blocks for proteins for structural, metabolic, and
enzymatic functions. Increase chlorophyll concentration leading to a higher degree of photosynthesis.

Fulvic Acid

A type of humate which greatly increases the solubility and absorbability of numerous nutrients, particularly micronutrients

Protein Hydrolysate

Plant biostimulants shown to encourage root/shoot growth, stimulate metabolism, aid beneficial microbial interactions, increase nutrient uptake and efficiency, and reduce environmental stresses.

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250 ML
1 L
20 L
Commercial Sizes

Great product! The extra Humic and Fulvic acid helped with increasing our clone success by roughly 15%, as well as decreasing our cost for a root growth stimulator by almost half.

Always skeptical of comparable products but this stuff IS comparable. Typically had to veg for 4 weeks after transplant from clones and was able to do it in three since root development was awesome.

Finally! Somethin affordable to keep my plants roots happy. I also took a botle out of my line up since this already contains fulvic an humic acid.

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