About Ventana Plant Science

The VPS Facility

The VPS brands are new, but the people behind the brand have been in the agriculture, T&O, and cannabis industry collectively for multiple decades. Leaning on that experience, and their relations in the US and around the world, VPS launched the Retail and Commercial nutrient lines in 2021 to support hobby and professional growers who want to maximize yields while using a system that emphasizes simplicity and performance.

The VPS facility includes a fully-stocked 1000 sqft. laboratory allowing the team to perform a multitude of different types of organic reactions, both endothermic and exothermic, in their quest to find new organic and sustainable solutions for plant production nutrition.

chief formulation scientist

George Murray

George C. Murray is currently the chief formulator and inventor for Ventana Plant Science.  He has a strong background in plant physiology, plant metabolomics, soil ecology, biochemistry, and formulation chemistry.  Focusing on amino acids and amino acid polymers, George continues to drive Ventana's technologies to a new level, providing an unparalleled level of product performance and value to Ventana's customers. 

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University of Purdue Partnership

Researched Based Products

VPS partners with Purdue University’s crystallography lab and their X-ray diffraction equipment (pictured) to analyze proprietary compound crystals reacted in the lab for their precise structure. This allows us to confirm exactly what we’ve made during our reactions and present evidence based solutions for growers.