What is the correct mixing order?

For the VPS Liquid Line the mixing order is: Structure, FlaVUH, Grow/Flower, Expand, Support.

For the VPS Commercial Line the mixing order is: Silicon, FlaVUH, Grow/Bloom, Calcium Nitrate, Magnesium Sulfate.

What are the units of measurement for the feeding program?

Milliliters per gallon of water (ml/gal).

What pH should my water be before and after mixing?

Before mixing, water should be at 5 - 7 pH and after all products are added the resulting pH should be within 5.6 - 6.3.

When should I use lower or higher rates of nutrients?

Earlier in plant cycles, lower use rates can be used until plants become established. If plants are known cultivars that are salt tolerant and environmental conditions can match feeding rates then higher rates may be used. For example: ideal conditions (high CO2 – 1100-1700ppm; PAR > 1300) can warrant higher than specified use rates.

Do you recommend a specific flush product or method for VPS?

VPS Nutrients do not contain heavy metals, unnatural organic compounds or harmful additives, so a flush is not necessary. If your growing operation follows a perpetual harvest method, maintain feed rates until harvest. If VPS is used in inert media such as Coco Coir or Rockwool, periodic flushing is determined by continuous liquid feed concentration, environmental condition and evaporation, and other fertigation and environment factors. 

Is there anything missing in the VPS Line that I need to add?

The Ventana Plant Science line was formulated as a complete solution with mineral nutrients and organic inputs included. There is nothing additional required to grow healthy plants.

Some people like to use additives for additional biodiversity, especially in living soils and organic gardens. This is okay as long as the additive is not high in macro or micro nutrients already in VPS. Things like beneficial bacteria, vitamins, etc... should be fine.

Does VPS work well in Coco Coir or Rockwool?

Yes! The VPS Line was formulated as a complete hydroponic nutrient and will work in soilless, inert media, and soil plant production.

Are there any compatibility issues with the VPS line and other products?

The Ventana Plant Science line has no known compatibility issues with any other products. If you choose to use other silicas than VPS Structure or Silicon, you must ensure it is added during mixing at the same stage as the VPS products, similarly with any other CalMag supplements and the Support. Any other non-mineral additives should be added at the end of mixing with pH balancing before feeding.