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Ventana Plant Science

Ventana Plant Science - Calcium Nitrate (17-0-0) 23.5% Ca

Ventana Plant Science - Calcium Nitrate (17-0-0) 23.5% Ca

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Ventana Plant Science Commercial Calcium Nitrate provides more calcium and nitrate by weight than most other dry calcium nitrate products available. Calcium is essential for plant cell wall and membrane construction and plays a crucial role in ion exchange and signaling pathways for many plant metabolic processes. Nitrates serve as the building blocks for amino acids and proteins necessary for plant tissue synthesis.

Key Features:

  • High Purity and Solubility: VPS Commercial Calcium Nitrate comes in highly soluble prill form, quickly and completely dissolving into stock solutions. This ensures no precipitated solids at the bottom of your stock tanks, unlike other prilled base nutrients.
  • Enhanced Nutrient Delivery: Contains a higher ratio of calcium to nitrogen than other calcium nitrate products, providing more calcium and nitrate by weight. This increased purity reduces cost and the amount of nutrients used.
  • Essential for Plant Health: Calcium is vital for building cell walls and membranes, and acts as an ion exchange and signaling pathway for plant cell metabolic processes, such as plant immunity signaling and secondary messenger ion in nutrient availability signaling.
  • Flexible Application: Suitable for delivering calcium throughout the entire crop’s growing cycle, it is highly soluble and easily goes into solution regardless of the water temperature.


  • Supports Cell Wall and Membrane Construction: Essential for the development of strong cell walls and membranes, contributing to overall plant health and structural integrity.
  • Promotes Metabolic Processes: Acts as an ion exchange and signaling pathway, aiding in crucial plant metabolic processes, including plant immunity signaling.
  • Reduces Nutrient Costs: The high purity and solubility of VPS Commercial Calcium Nitrate reduce the cost and quantity of nutrients required, making it an economical choice for growers.
  • No Negative Interactions: Contains no other ionic salts, eliminating the risk of negative interactions or precipitate formation in stock tanks. Stable up-to-stock solution rates of 1:200.

General Use Guide:

Created by reacting calcium oxide with nitric acid and a very small amount of ammonia, VPS Commercial Calcium Nitrate is a high-purity calcium nitrate. It can be used to deliver calcium throughout the entire crop’s growing cycle, ensuring plants receive consistent nutrition for optimal growth.


  • Suitable for use in soil, soilless media, deep-water culture (DWC) systems, nutrient film technique (NFT) systems, and other traditional or hydroponic growing systems.
  • For fertigation systems, ensure calcium-based fertilizers have their own respective tanks, or apply separately after the application of other nutrients.

About Ventana Plant Science:

Ventana Plant Science is dedicated to delivering advanced nutrient solutions designed for specialty crops. Our products are crafted with precision to ensure complete nutrient availability and support plant health without unnecessary additives. Experience the benefits of our high-quality, efficient nutrient delivery with Ventana Plant Science Commercial Calcium Nitrate.

Downloadable PDFs:

VPS Commercial Line Feeding Chart

VPS Commercial Line Calcium Nitrate SDS

VPS Commercial Line Certificate of Analysis

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