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Ventana Plant Science

Ventana Plant Science - Commercial Bloom (2-26-41) - 25 lbs (80/plt.)

Ventana Plant Science - Commercial Bloom (2-26-41) - 25 lbs (80/plt.)

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Commercial Bloom is the Ventana Plant Science Commercial Program Base Flowering nutrient. Formulated to drive plants toward reproduction through photoperiodism and nutrient delivery, VPS Commercial Bloom is designed to increase biomass production, flower density, and secondary metabolite production. VPS Commercial Bloom comes as a spray dried nutrient powder which quickly and completely dissolves into stock solutions leaving no leftover tank precipitates. This nutrient requires the addition of VPS Calcium Nitrate and Magnesium Sulfate to provide a complete Flowering base nutrient solution.

VPS Bloom is designed to drive plant metabolisms towards reproduction and promote increased biomass and secondary metabolite production.

Ventana Plant Science Commercial Bloom is formulated to maximize your plants’ flowering potential by increasing biomass potential and metabolic bioactivity. Reduced nitrogen, provided as Nitrates and increased Phosphorus and Potassium levels work with photoperiodic metabolite demand to provide the PK increase needed to increase flower yield and quality. All micronutrients are chelated to be available within the widest range of solution pH ranges.

After formulation and multiple quality control checks, VPS Commercial Bloom is spray dried instead of crystallized or prilled to ensure fast and complete dissolving into stock tank solutions. Expect no precipitated solids at the bottom of your stock tanks like with other prilled base nutrients with the fastest times to mix among most hydroponic nutrients. VPS Commercial Grow is stable up to stock solution rates of 1:200!

See what the latest technologies in nutrient delivery technology can do for your Licensed Operations!

General Use Guide

Use during the reproductive stage of all crops to improve nutrient conditions for better crop yield. Applications to the soil as a drench or through irrigation produce the best results. Commercial Bloom can be used in soil, soilless media, deep-water culture (DWC) systems, nutrient film technique (NFT) systems, and any other traditional or hydroponic growing system. This product is tank-mix compatible with other fertilizers, except calcium-based and magnesium-based fertilizers. For fertigation systems, calcium-based fertilizers and magnesium-based fertilizers should have their own respective tanks. In the case where only one proportioning piece of equipment is present, calcium-based fertilizers and magnesium-based fertilizers should be applied separately after the application of Commercial Bloom.

Ventana Commercial rates are based on a commercial lighting program of 25 watts per square foot. Nutrients may need to be decreased if the light intensities are lower and increased if the light intensities are higher. If lighting intensities are unknown, it is always preferable to start with a lower rate and increase the rate over time if needed.

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