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Ventana Plant Science

Ventana Plant Science - Commercial Bloom (2-26-41)

Ventana Plant Science - Commercial Bloom (2-26-41)

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Maximize your plants’ flowering potential with Ventana Plant Science Commercial Bloom (2-26-41). Specifically formulated to drive plant metabolisms towards reproduction, this nutrient solution promotes increased biomass production, flower density, and secondary metabolite production. Designed for the reproductive stage, VPS Commercial Bloom enhances your crop yield and quality by providing the essential nutrients required during flowering.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced Flowering Potential: Formulated to maximize flowering potential by increasing biomass and metabolic bioactivity. Reduced nitrogen, provided as nitrates, and increased phosphorus and potassium levels work with photoperiodic metabolite demand to boost flower yield and quality.
  • Complete Nutrient Solution: The addition of VPS Calcium Nitrate and Magnesium Sulfate is required to provide a complete flowering base nutrient solution. All micronutrients are chelated to be available within the widest range of solution pH levels.
  • High Solubility: Comes as a spray-dried nutrient powder that quickly and completely dissolves into stock solutions, ensuring no leftover tank precipitates. Achieves the fastest mixing times among most hydroponic nutrients.
  • No Precipitated Solids: Expect no precipitated solids at the bottom of your stock tanks, unlike other prilled base nutrients. VPS Commercial Bloom is stable up to stock solution rates of 1:200.


  • Promotes Biomass and Flower Density: Drives plant metabolisms towards reproduction, resulting in increased biomass potential and denser flowers.
  • Boosts Secondary Metabolite Production: Enhances metabolic bioactivity, promoting the production of secondary metabolites that contribute to flower quality.
  • Optimal Nutrient Availability: Chelated micronutrients ensure nutrient availability across a wide range of pH levels, supporting healthy plant growth.

General Use Guide:

  • Application: Use during the reproductive stage of all crops to improve nutrient conditions for better crop yield. Apply as a soil drench or through irrigation for best results.
  • Compatibility: Suitable for soil, soilless media, deep-water culture (DWC) systems, nutrient film technique (NFT) systems, and other traditional or hydroponic growing systems. Tank-mix is compatible with other fertilizers, except calcium-based and magnesium-based fertilizers. For fertigation systems, ensure calcium-based and magnesium-based fertilizers have their own respective tanks, or apply separately after the application of Commercial Bloom.
  • Lighting Recommendations: Designed for a commercial lighting program of 25 watts per square foot. Adjust nutrient rates based on light intensity, starting with a lower rate and increasing as needed.


  • Nitrogen (N): 2.0%
  • Phosphate (P2O5): 26.0%
  • Potash (K2O): 41.0%


About Ventana Plant Science:

Ventana Plant Science is dedicated to delivering advanced nutrient solutions designed for specialty crops. Our products are crafted with precision to ensure complete nutrient availability and support plant health without unnecessary additives. Experience the benefits of our high-quality, efficient nutrient delivery with Ventana Plant Science Commercial Bloom.

Downloadable PDFs:

VPS Commercial Line Feeding Chart

VPS Commercial Line Bloom SDS

VPS Commercial Line Certificate of Analysis

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