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Ventana Plant Science

Ventana Plant Science - Expand 0-4-4 (Flower Booster)

Ventana Plant Science - Expand 0-4-4 (Flower Booster)

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Boost your plant's flower development and trichome production with Ventana Plant Science - Expand 0-4-4 (Flower Booster). This formula supports vital plant processes like megasporogenesis and protein synthesis, providing the essential nutrients needed for healthy and abundant blooms. Crafted to meet food safety standards, Ventana Plant Science nutrients are rigorously tested for heavy metals. Explore our comprehensive range of VPS Consumer/Hobbyist & Commercial products for all your gardening needs!

Ventana Plant Science - Expand 0-4-4 (Flower Booster)

Enhance your plant's flowering stage and unlock its maximum potential with Ventana Plant Science - Expand 0-4-4 (Flower Booster). This advanced formula has been meticulously designed to provide the additional nutritional support required during the expansion of flowers and the development of trichomes, resulting in robust and stunning blooms.

Ventana Plant Science understands the importance of supporting key plant reproductive processes, such as megasporogenesis and protein synthesis. With Expand 0-4-4, you can ensure that your plants receive the precise nutrients they need to thrive during this crucial phase. By supplying the essential elements, this flower booster optimizes the plant's ability to generate healthy flowers while building trichomes, leading to improved potency, aroma, and overall quality.

One of the key advantages of Ventana Plant Science nutrients is their commitment to food safety. The Expand 0-4-4 formula has undergone rigorous testing to meet state-mandated heavy metal standards, ensuring that you can confidently use this product without compromising the integrity of your crops.


Usage Instructions:

To achieve the best results, it is recommended to use Expand 0-4-4 in conjunction with VPS Support during the initial six weeks of growth. This combination provides a comprehensive nutrient regimen that supports the plant's development from the early stages to the flowering phase, maximizing its potential throughout its lifecycle.

When using Expand 0-4-4, it is essential to avoid combining it with other concentrates to prevent any adverse reactions or nutrient imbalances. This allows for precise control and customization of your plant's nutrient intake, ensuring optimal results.

General Use Rate:

2-5 mL per gallon, depending on the size and species of your crop. By following the recommended dosage, you can tailor the application to meet the specific requirements of your plants, whether you're cultivating fruits, vegetables, herbs, or flowers.

Derived from:

  • Monopotassium Phosphate
  • Potassium Sulfate
  • Barley Malt Extract

Guaranteed Analysis:

  • SOLUBLE POTASH (K2O): 4.0%

At, we offer a comprehensive range of Ventana Plant Science products, including the Expand 0-4-4 (Flower Booster), to meet the diverse needs of both consumer/hobbyist and commercial growers. Elevate your gardening experience with Ventana Plant Science and unlock the full potential of your plants!

About Ventana Plant Science

Ventana Plant Science is a new nutrient line from chemists with decades of history formulating nutrients for specialty crops around the world. The Ventana Plant Science nutrient line is designed to be complete in its composition, but not wasteful. The additives are built to be complementary and focused as opposed to maximizing the number of bottles sold to the grower. 

Maximizing the genetic potential is the goal of Ventana Plant Science--no less and no more. There are no bonus points for adding extra nutrients--it just causes stress that minimizes genetic potential. Ventana Plant Science was built with the highest purity mineral compounds available on the market. 

Did you know that many nutrient companies use ammonium-based salts when formulating their nutrients? This is because ammonium-based nutrients are cheaper to produce. What most growers don't know is that ammonium can be taken up into the plant and then it will lose a hydrogen atom and become ammonia, which is toxic. This can build up in the plant slowly over time and minimize its genetic potential. Some companies focus on maximizing cost per gallon versus plant health. Ventana Plant Science takes no shortcuts to optimize plant health.

Chelated, fully soluble nutrients with proprietary polyaspartate polymer amino acids. What does it all mean? This means the formulation chemists have designed a completely proprietary amino acid that no other nutrient company has ever brought to market. A truly revolutionary product derived from the shells of mollusks, inspired by nature, and fully bio-degradable.

The product is the main ingredient in the bottle VPS FlaVUH 2-0-0, a proprietary negatively-charged polymerized amino acid that adsorbs cationic (positively-charged) minerals in the soil and the solution and prevents their interaction with anionic (negatively-charged) minerals—which prevents their precipitation. This increases the plant's overall nutrient availability, increasing the opportunity for yields and oil production.

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