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Ventana Plant Science

Ventana Plant Science - FlaVUH 4X Concentrate (4-0-4) [NEW]

Ventana Plant Science - FlaVUH 4X Concentrate (4-0-4) [NEW]

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Ventana Plant Science - FlaVUH 4X Concentrate (4-0-4) (Biostimulant + Oil Production)

Boost your plant's yield and terpene production with Ventana Plant Science's FlaVUH 4X Concentrate (4-0-4), a powerful biostimulant and essential oil enhancer. Designed with cutting-edge technology and inspired by nature, FlaVUH is scientifically derived and safe for any crop intended for human consumption. This unique formula supports nutrient assimilation and phytochemical production, ensuring your plants reach their full potential.

Ventana Plant Science FlaVUH

Increase Yield and Terpenes

In 2022, FlaVUH was tested at a Canadian government-licensed research facility for medicinal crops, showing an impressive 14% yield increase over the control group. Additionally, Pleasantrees, a commercial-scale multi-state operator of medicinal crops, conducted side-by-side tests that demonstrated a significant increase in terpene levels, from 1.1% to 2.4%. Detailed results of these tests are available in downloadable PDFs linked below.

Scientifically Derived and food-safe

FlaVUH is crafted to pass heavy metals testing in all 50 states, making it a reliable and safe choice for crops meant for human consumption. Ventana Plant Science is committed to producing high-quality, food-safe nutrients, ensuring your plants are healthy and productive.

Key Features:

  • Supports Nutrient Assimilation: FlaVUH enhances nutrient uptake, helping your plants absorb essential minerals more efficiently.
  • Promotes Phytochemical Production: Boosts the production of terpenes (Volatile Unsaturated Hydrocarbons), improving the aroma and secondary psychoactive compounds of medicinal plants.
  • Improves Soil Conditions: Contains specific amino acids that enhance soil conditions for better root growth and increased yields.
  • Reduces Salt Buildup: The proprietary, biodegradable nutrient-enhancing amino acid polymer decreases salt accumulation, promoting healthier plant growth.


General Use Rate:

  • 3 mL per gallon, depending on the size and species of your crop. Always dilute before mixing for optimal results.

Derived From:

  • Soy Protein Hydrolysate
  • Potassium Hydroxide

Guaranteed Analysis:

  • Total Nitrogen (N): 4.0%
    • 4.0% Water-Soluble Nitrogen
  • Soluble Potash (K₂O): 4.0%

Comprehensive Solutions

Explore the full range of Ventana Plant Science products, including our consumer/hobbyist and commercial lines, to find the perfect solutions for all your gardening needs. Elevate your plant growth with FlaVUH 4X Concentrate and experience remarkable improvements in yield and oil production.

About Ventana Plant Science

Ventana Plant Science is a new nutrient line from chemists with decades of history formulating nutrients for specialty crops around the world. The Ventana Plant Science nutrient line is designed to be complete in its composition, but not wasteful. The additives are built to be complementary and focused as opposed to maximizing the number of bottles sold to the grower. 

Maximizing the genetic potential is the goal of Ventana Plant Science--no less and no more. There are no bonus points for adding extra nutrients--it just causes stress that minimizes genetic potential. Ventana Plant Science was built with the highest purity mineral compounds available on the market. 

Did you know that many nutrient companies use ammonium-based salts when formulating their nutrients? This is because ammonium-based nutrients are cheaper to produce. What most growers don't know is that ammonium can be taken up into the plant and then it will lose a hydrogen atom and become ammonia, which is toxic. This can build up in the plant slowly over time and minimize its genetic potential. Some companies focus on maximizing cost per gallon versus plant health. Ventana Plant Science takes no shortcuts to optimize plant health.

Chelated, fully soluble nutrients with proprietary polyaspartate polymer amino acids. What does it all mean? This means the formulation chemists have designed a completely proprietary amino acid that no other nutrient company has ever brought to market. A truly revolutionary product derived from the shells of mollusks, inspired by nature, and fully bio-degradable.

The product is the main ingredient in the bottle VPS FlaVUH 2-0-0, a proprietary negatively-charged polymerized amino acid that adsorbs cationic (positively-charged) minerals in the soil and the solution and prevents their interaction with anionic (negatively-charged) minerals—which prevents their precipitation. This increases the plant's overall nutrient availability, increasing the opportunity for yields and oil production.

Downloadable PDFs:

VPS Feeding Chart


VPS FlaVUH Heavy Metals Analysis

VPS FlaVUH Flyer

VPS FlaVUH White Paper

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